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Substance Abuse Traffic Offender Program


Anger Management , Mental Health & More

Assessment's and Evaluation's

Numerous types of Alcohol & Drug evaluations & assessments

“Alert & Alive”

4-hour Distracted & Defensive driving class

Missouri Alternatives Counseling & Education is committed to providing you the highest quality of professional services and counseling with a personal approach!

“We believe that you have alternatives and we want to help you find them and succeed.”

SATOP Classes

If you have lost your drivers license due to an alcohol or drug related offense we can help you at Missouri Alternatives Counseling & Education. See More Here.


We offer a variety of counseling services: marriage counseling, mental health counseling, anger management counseling, alcohol and drug counseling and much more.


We offer a variety of assessment and evaluation services: Alcohol & Drug, DWI, DEP, AMAP. SAP, DOT/SAP/Workplace — Drug & Alcohol Evaluations…..and much more…

If you have lost your driver’s license due  to an alcohol or drug related offense we can help you  through the SATOP process – Substance Abuse Traffic Offenders Programs 

Some Of What We Do….


Learn more about the SATOP Classes and process.

DEP Class

Drug Education Program, 8-hour Drug education class

Alert & Alive

4-hour Distracted and defensive driving class.

(VIP) Victims Impact Panel

4-hour Distracted and defensive driving class.

DWI Evaluations

We offer In State and Out of state DWI evaluations.

AMAP Class

Minor Awareness Program, 8-hour Minor awareness class


Pre-Sentence investigation report involving an alcohol and drug related case.

Outpatient Programs

We offer extensive Drug and Alcohol outpatient treatment programs.

SAP Evaluations

(SAP) DOT drug testing violation evaluation.

SAM Class

4-hour Supplying Alcohol to Minors class


We offer complete Alcohol & Drug assessment’s and evaluation’s.


Marriage, Anger Management, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and more..


Drug and Alcohol counseling and education for persons under the age of 21.

We Also Offer DOT/SAP/Workplace — Drug & Alcohol Evaluations

Founded in 1996, Alternatives was founded on the principals of providing services that improve and touch people lives.Click Here To Read More About Us

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