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A Company That Is Here To Help

Our approach is based on the fact that all individuals are not made from a cookie cutter, and thus not going to respond to the same treatment. Therefore, we have an empathetic approach based in sound psychological theory. We use various concepts such as behavior modification, cognitive restructuring, and 12 steps methods to augment the basic therapeutic relationships..

At Alternatives we maintain a staff of certified, and licensed helping professionals. Our staff is always qualified and determined to provide the various levels of assistance our clients may need. We have many years of experience working with and caring for individuals from varying socio-economic classes, cultures and backgrounds.

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  • SATOP Classes
  • Assessments & Evaluations
  • Outpatient Programs
  • Alert & Alive Program
  • DOT/SAP – Drug & Alcohol Evaluations
  • Alert & Alive Program
  • VIP Victims Impact Panel
  • DWI and Drug Court Services
  • and much more….